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A Fashion Stylist, "Un" Styled.

<ahref=">Followmyblogwithbloglovin</a> For most of the stylists I know being a stylist isn't so

much about what you do, as it is who you are. We are the dreamers, make believers, and those that never grew out of playing dress up. We are stylists at the very core of our being. Please forgive us if we don't know how to articulate how we got into this crazy business. However for those who would still like an answer to this age old question I am reminded of a favorite movie, Better Off Dead starring a yound John Cusack, as Cusacks character Lane Myer is preparing to race the dangerous K-12 instructions from his friends is this "Go that way really fast, if something gets in your way, turn!" It is with this advice that I have navigated my way through the fashion industry. We anxiously race to see the latest trends that will become a part of our story. Each styled to accentuate our personality and unique take on the seasons fashions. We accept that in large who we are is what we wear, what illustrates our individual story. How we take the fashion of the season and make it our style. This has become a given in my life. A comforting certainty. And it was about to change.

So what happens when a fashion stylist crosses paths with a boudoir photographer? No this isnt the start of a bad bar joke. But an event in my life that would forever alter my soul, and I am so grateful. Lets address the one thing we know. While the appreciation for art is a commonality we can be sure of. What more could we talk about? The very practice of a boudoir shoot has very little fashion, save a bedsheet or strategically placed shadow or subtle lack of focus in the frame. Can you show your personal style when wearing a bed sheet? I was about to find out. First allow me to introduce to you this beautiful and talented creature known as Malinda Grace, I came to know my talented new friend, Malinda Grace, through an Uber driver who also knew her, and decided in his match making ways that we would be the best of friends. He was right. From the first text message to a lengthly lunch, we began to share our dreams and our passion for expressing ourselves through art. I never expected the events of a cold Thursday morning to take place.

One evening Malinda and I were enjoying a glass of wine, a favorite pasttime of ours. I must of felt brave for I mentioned that with Valentine's Day approaching I should do a boudoir shoot for my man friend. This was in no way meant to be taken seriously. I have never liked photographs of myself. I lack the hidden talent to take a halfway decent selfie, which in this day and age of social media is unheard of. Not to mention the basis for my being is to wear and style the armour each and every day out of clothing, accessories and more. How could I ever "style" a boudoir shoot? Let alone be the subject. Later that night as I was getting ready for bed a text message popped up that Malinda's model for the shoot the following day had cancelled and did I want to fill in. I said yes before I even processed the information. The next morning, bright and early I was at her studio ready to do the unthinkable. One, get in front of the camera. Two, do so without any of my armour. It was a leap of faith. One that led me on a journey to me. Somewhere I have never been. The next couple of hours flew by, as I listened to her sweet voice encouraging me and moving seamlessly from "look" to "look." Pretty soon it was a wrap. I had participated in the unstyling of a fashion stylist. Then came the images.

I was nervous and fully prepared to dislike each and every image I saw. But this journey had changed me. Some changes are subtle and we don't recognize them. This was not one of those. This was Thelma and Louise off the cliff type of change. I had cognitively removed all barriers from this shoot. The plethora of bracelets and rings that have become a bit of a signature of mine. My love of shoes, none of that would be featured in this shoot. It would just be me and Malinda's camera. Drum roll please. I was officially "un"styled. And all of the armour that I have worn over the years had been put aside. And I was still me! The choices I make each day with my personal style did not define me, it was not who I am. It isnt just an adage that beauty comes from within, it is the truth. Now I cannot take credit for this photo shoot as I usually do when I style a campaign. This is completely different. The artistic eye and the pure heart of a photographer is solely responsible for this revelation. So I challenge all of you that cover yourself in armour, be it makeup, jewelry or the lastest trends, to go back to basics and take a journey to yourself. Allow yourself to be seen through others eyes, I believe it will give you a new found sense of self and definitely style. Now I am able to always shine through the stylish choices I make each and every day. I still love playing dress up everyday and I will til my last day, I am thankful for the blessing of being able to see myself through anothers eye. And to be beautifully "un" styled.


Peace, Love & "Un" Style


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