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Founder/Creative Director


Kristen Blake is an award winning Image Concierge and Fashion Stylist. Kristen has had an eye and a passion for fashion from a very young age. Attributing the many years spent with her glamorous Grandmother Bailey who introduced and spent hours talking and showing Kristen the style that had transcended over time and were walking the streets of Los Angeles, California. For the past twenty years Kristen has worked for many leading fashion retail stores working her way up through the ranks, “paying her dues”, from the stock room to the visual team and eventually buying for many of the top retailers in the country. The Limited Corporation, Gap Inc., Ann Taylor and Nordstrom Kristen focused on continuing to strive for excellence and the trends of fashion.

Kristen has worked with up and coming designers from New York City to Los Angeles, from concept and styling for their media coverage and styling print work as well as runway. Kristen's work has been seen on TV, Film and video as well as extensive runway styling and producing. Kristen is pleased to contribute to the grammy nominated team of 360 production. Kristen also works with individual clients looking to build their style as well as act as a liaison between clients and designers communicating and styling the integrity of the brand for daily use as well as special occasions, including destination weddings. Kristen is thrilled to fulfill a life long dream of taking the many lessons learned and bring them to her own company.

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